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Abby Posner’s "Return Home" is a captivatingly earnest new-folk track

Abby Posner’s music tells a powerful story straight from the heart, pushing the boundaries of folk. She’s released her single "Return Home" and it’s a stunning track featuring emotive vocals ascending atop captivating piano keys and delicate violin. Her simplistic black and white video allows her to shine, as she lets you deep into her soul sonically and vocally. Posner reveals, "Returning home is not about a physical place, but a state of mind, and a state of being grounded....trusting that you have the tools to weather any storm, because we are all strong and capable of moving through the muck of whatever life throws."

Posner has worked as a musician in Los Angeles for the past 16 years. Known for taking folk and roots music to new heights, she merges a multitude of sounds. From lead-blues guitar solos and banjo riffs to drums and mandolin, her versatility is endless. She’s even ventured into film scoring (Across Land Across Sea, Through Their Eyes, and award-winning short Animation Elizabeth Sees).

Delivering infectious catchy folk, Posner formed her project ‘Abby and The Myth’ in 2015.  With several residencies at the famed Hotel Cafe in Hollywood as well a national tour, they’ve taken the music scene by storm. Check out Abby Posner’s awe-inspiring performance of ‘Return Home’ now.   

Connect with Abby Posner: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter




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