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Marie Lang yearns for deeper connection in "Comfort Zone"

Every relationship has its up and downs, and despite our best efforts, most go through bouts of stagnation from time to time. One of the keys to successful relationships is a couple’s ability to evolve together as each person makes new discoveries in life. Singer Marie Lang details the desire for more substance in a stationary relationship in her latest single “Comfort Zone.” The Austrian-born Los Angeles resident teamed with producer Elliott Beenk for an alluring track with emotional resonance. “Comfort Zone” is the first offering from Lang’s upcoming debut EP, set for release in December.

The combination of Beenk’s engagingly disjointed beat and sweeping harmonies with Lang’s impassioned vocals on “Comfort Zone” offer something for fans of both sophisticated musicianship and relatable lyricism. While she laments about a relationship being “stuck in a comfort zone” in the song’s hooks, her craving for deeper connection is perhaps best encapsulated in the bridge when she sings, “ Stay ‘til morning comes / hope you make it up / one last try to get / more than just surface / want all of your edges.” The line pairs beautifully with the delightfully off-kilter time feel and underscores the need to pursue the jagged edges in a relationship for a truly honest partnership. If “Comfort Zone” is any indication, Marie Lang’s forthcoming EP should not be missed later this year.

"Comfort Zone" is available to stream or download here.

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