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Glenn Astro releases an organic cosmic EP 'Naturals'

Taking music back to mother nature, Berlin-based producer Glenn Astro takes his music to another level with a cosmic vibrating new 4-track EP Naturals. Filled with instantly organic intoxicating sonic sounds, the EP has elements of Balearic and left-field house coupled with tribal and acid sounds.

Exploring the outer fringes of the Balearic sonic spectrum, Naturals delves into unexpected melodic sound territories without losing touch with planet home. Sub-heavy drums mix with private oceanic field recordings, futuristic synth, and effect pedal workouts, delivering a four-track EP that is novel but honest to the bone.

Glenn takes you on a journey through-out this EP, almost taking you into a meditating state until you feel your feet start to naturally move with the rhythm. It begins with the beautifully crafted opening track "Naturals - Unsweetened Mix" and continues with the the dream-like tune "Slarutan - Pristine Mix", the whole EP has something different for everyone. 

In an impressively short amount of time, Glenn Astro has created a musical universe that’s entirely his. With full-length releases making waves on Ninja Tune and Apollo Rec, the sister label of R&S Recordings, the Berlin-based musician assembles a perfect pastiche of influences on his forthcoming EP Naturals.

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Dance · Electro House · House · Progressive


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