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Ben Kessler drops scintillating future R&B single "Known Like This"

Philly is perhaps best known for its wiz-drenched cheesesteaks and rabid sports fandom, but it's also home to a bevy of emerging musical talent. Such is the case with singer-songwriter and producer Ben Kessler, who just released his new single "Known Like This" -- an alluring future R&B jam.

Lush pads make up the backbone of "Known Like This," which blends elements of soul and electronic music to aching effect. Kessler brilliantly switches it up in the break, infusing energy into the track's hypnotic soundscapes with a crunchy bassline, which is more ripe than rawk. Kessler, who has since relocated to Nashville, really brings it all home in the third chorus, where he brings in beautiful guitar plucks, which float over the crisp 808s. Kessler's visceral songwriting here is also worth noting, as his wistful lyrics represent a deeply reflective time in his own life. In an exclusive quote to EARMILK, he explained the inspiration behind the single: 

"I moved from Nashville to London for the first half of this year with no real plans, contacts or friends. For the first time in a long time I felt unknown. My family, friends, values, interests – all the things that form my identity – felt distant, and were unknown to everyone that I was surrounded by. Meeting new people became a reflective thing; I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to be known, and how I don’t. "Known Like This" explores the difficulty of connecting with others when the essence of your being is unknown." 

Connect with Ben Kessler: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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