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Noah Slee and FHAT want you to "Do That" and do it funky

Noah Slee is back with a new funky release "Do That" which also features vocalist FHAT. The energetic and groovy track is all about being confident in your skin sans prejudice. Slee once again weaves a unique style of R&B and soul that is also uplifting in nature. The chemistry here is undeniable as both artists fully embody their most creative forms leaving no stone unturned.

 The video pays homage to Voguing, a dance that first gained popularity in the late 80s through to the early 90s and also shows Slee sporting a stunning, feather-trimmed hat, personally crafted by House of Malakai. Backed by the Berlin vogue community who helped him with the video, both acts fully express their art bridging the gap between music, fashion, and dance. The single is given a whole new life with the gaudy costumes and electrifying choreography. In the meantime, Slee is working with Berliner Ben Esser and other international creatives on a new EP expected to arrive sometime in November.

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