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Tritonal bring it back to their roots on “Never Be The Same” featuring Rosie Darling

Austin-based duo Tritonal have been playing in the dance world since 2008 and are a staple piece to any lovers of all things trance music. They're back this week, following on the release of their new album U & Me. Teaming up with vocalist Rosie Darling the pair unleash “Never Be The Same” today. Taking a bit of a departure from the album's ethos of pop and dance music,  “Never Be The Same” lives and breathes their nostalgic roots to where the Tritonal sound originated. 

In their signature uplifting fashion, “Never Be The Same” moves along with pristine piano melodies, and a wave of wall-of-sound synths, and euphoric vocal work from Rosie Darling, adding energy to the feel-good vibes. It’s the type of big room dance music that commands your attention, flows through your body and pulls at your heartstrings. Head to your nearest dance floor and put this one on blast. 

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