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Dani Sylvia delivers an electro-pop bottle of "Lithium" with newest single

As the seasons change and the air gets a little crisper, dispersing leaves on the ground in a grand farewell to warmer days, our need for comfort- whether physical or emotional- deepens. While some seek it among layers of wool, or in mugs of steamed drinks, UK singer-songwriter Dani Sylvia chooses to find it in the most unlikely place- within herself. Her newest single, "Lithium", though laden with heavy content, soothes with a buoyant hook and oh-so-smooth vocals. 

Dancing on the edge of a dark pop anthem, "Lithium" finds the light with a patient melody consisting of intricate drums and subtle guitar chords. While the production adds a youthful tone to the track, it is Sylvia's lyrical delivery that breathes life into it. Witty yet catchy, "Lithium" is the kind of song that is bound to get stuck in your mind instantly, but you'll never hear yourself complaining about it.

"Lithium is about many things; self-sabotage, self-destruction, fear… but ultimately, hope and knowing that feelings are never permanent." She adds, "for me, it is about the secrets we keep, bad coping-strategies and the lies we tell to those around us so that they don’t worry about us, preferring to learn how to heal yourself rather than leaning on others. It’s about the place we go to in our minds to face ourselves head-on and fully feel the pain/shame/loneliness/fear. It’s only by doing this alone that we can be ‘found’.”

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