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Robin Hannibal spins Flume & London Grammar's "Let You Know" into disco funk gem

When Flume reunited with London Grammar on the single "Let You Know" earlier in 2019, it was with great fanfare. The Australian artist had made a big return, with the surprise drop of an experimental mixtape, and then, a classically Flume style track with a beloved collaborator. Now, after a few rounds of remixes from artists like Ross From Friends, "Let You Know" has quietly returned in a notable new form from the work of Robin Hannibal.

Based in Denmark, Hannibal has worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar in his past, but hasn't made a huge splash on his own as a solo producer. This year, he's steadily remixed artists like RY X and now, Flume. According to Billboard Dance, where Hannibal premiered the track, he deconstructed the original production completely, starting from scratch before diving in to create his own laid back, funky disco version for the London Grammar vocals. "I didn’t use any of the parts, chords or rhythms from the original song," he told Billboard Dance, "as I wanted to create a different sentiment in the music that I felt could match the bitter sweet melancholy in the vocal melody." Even then, his remix comes in with a lower profile than imagined when associated with said genres, melancholy in tact.

Fashion trade show COTERIE also featured the latest volume of their music series with the track, with the collection of the tracks has a surprising level quality in its curation.

Connect with Robin Hannibal: SoundCloud 



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