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Dillistone unveils exploratory EP '3rd Culture Kid'

After teasing us slowly with "Fuckboy" and the heart-aching twinges of "Priority", Dillistone has finally released his four track all-encompassing EP 3rd Culture Kid—which has been written with the message of support for young people feeling unwelcome living in another country. 

"This new EP is an exploration of new sounds and concepts based in childhood recordings my mom made of my brothers and I growing up," Dillistone shares of the release. "The songs are influenced by how I've changed over the last few years not just in music but specifically my personal life and is an important step for me as an individual and artist to take. It's not always pretty but it's the truth."

Delving into the depths of experimental, 3rd Culture Kid opens majestically with "Molotov"—a drifting intro that features murmured vocals amidst slow dropping drum kicks. "Fuckboy" follows with a change of heart, its emotive topline grabbing reign of our hearts alongside its bobbing, textured beat. Showcasing a more eclectic electronic flair, "Flex" layers together building rhythms with pitched trickles of melody and an undeniable groove—throwing in eye-catching synth leads whilst its unhurried chord progressions create cinematic flow. Finally, Dillistone ends the EP with a soft, vocal-led number; "Priority" completes the tracklist with beautiful vibes cascading from the speakers, light percussive dustings and pop-tinged chords undeniably hooking us in further.


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