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Praana & Dezza link up with LEVV on "Mirrors"

Mysterious newcomer into the melodic progressive and trance scene Praana has teamed up with Dezza on a new track out on Enhanced Music, entitled "Mirrors." The gorgeous track features LEVV on vocals, directing a lullaby over waves and a current created by thoughtful placement of melodies and soothing chords.

This follows a year of steady rise for Praana, with multiple single releases and attention from groups like Above & Beyond. While the attention they've gotten raises questions of whether the people behind this act are actually new to music or veterans under a new name, hearing "Mirrors" has the music speak first. Dezza has gotten some love from the Anjunafamily as well, as he earned his stripes on his extensive debut album release earlier this year, Cosmos.

Connect with Dezza: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud
Connect with Praana: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud


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