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Elusive producer Y-DAPT concludes the 'Back and Forth' series with "Nightlapse"

The mysterious producer Y-DAPT has returned once again with funky twists and unexpected basslines in new single "Nightlapse.". Concluding his Back and Forth series in style, the three-month journey with Y-DAPT has been full of razor blades being cut through space in fist first release "Rawbot" and even adopting a few fax machines to portray how old machines play a part in the production of "Machine Routine." Ingesting the final dance-floor pill tonight, prepare yourself for a ride as house music intertwines with various metropolis nightlife scenarios in "Nightlapse," hit play below.

Cruising through the city with your best friends, the journey begins with a vibrant instrumental that slowly leads into high pitched vocals and laughter. Passing through your favorite dance clubs on the way, the tempo rises alongside a shifting percussion to resemble the producer's sonic adaptability. As a flute begins to take over the track, the vibrations of sirens and a choppy house beat swerve the listener through traffic. It's a whirlwind of sound but done with impeccable detail that brings the listener through a true journey. With a clean sense of style in fashion and music, no one can imagine what is next for this chameleon.

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