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Australian producer tyDi and FJORA collide on new indie electro single "SpaceShips & Windows"

Take flight on your Wednesday into outer space with Australian artist tyDi and singer-songwriter FJORA.  The pair have teamed up for "SpaceShips & Windows" their new indie electronic single ready to take fans out-of-this-world. 

Spaceships & Windows' is about how a small detail of a very magical moment stargazing with a certain person on the beach in Venice led to an entire journey of mixed emotions - and thankfully with a happy ending, shares tyDi. In addition, they have put together a DIY new music video to support the track's theme. Going on further tyDi says " I think it's funny how when relationships end we seem to latch on to the small things, memories or quotes. In this case, it was sort of a joking conversation with someone when I saw a plane in the sky flying over LAX airport right above Venice beach. She said "I think that it's a spaceship" jokingly. We lost each other for a long time and, well the song tells the rest."
Supported by lighthearted melodies and an atmospheric foundation,  FJORA puts her vocal work on display which echoes a bit of small-town ease and whispy enchantments.  "This is truly a story of how such a small moment in time, or something someone said to you can resonate SO much that it almost becomes cinematic. I'll let the rest of the song do the talking," and we'll let the video do the same as well. Enjoy above! 
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