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Dia Morgan makes it "Rain in Malibu" with giddy music video

Independent singer-songwriter Dia Morgan has the power of making it rain in Malibu, California. Her colorful, magical, and full-of-life attitude and personality shine in her energetic and infectious new track and music video for "Rain in Malibu." 

"It's a shame it's so dry out here," Dia's boss said on a film shoot. "This drought is really taking a toll on us." Without skipping a beat, Dia Morgan stated that she knew of a rain dance and sang away. As the crew were packing up the equipment for the day, a crack of thunder was heard in the distance, and they felt rain shortly thereafter. Dia knew in that moment that her rain dance from earlier worked. 

How amazing would it be to have the power to make it rain in Malibu? Dia Morgan's peppy rain dance sends a message to all of her listeners: everyone is made of magic and that you can do accomplish amazing feats as long as you remain tenacious and perseverant. Dia has been doing that happy rain dance for a few years now. "Rain in Malibu" marks her fourth independent release. 

"Rain in Malibu" is an upbeat track that pairs superbly with an equally as eye-catching, half-animated, and half real-life music video. Dia's raspy and powerful voice radiate through as plucky bell synths glue the song together. The impeccable dynamic throughout the track makes it to be the perfect one for taking it easy at the beach or fueling your workout. 

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