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Enrico Sangiuliano remixes CJ Bolland's rave classic "Camargue"

In 1992, CJ Bolland released "Camargue", unleashing a rolling rave legacy that has maintained popularity for over a decade. Now, Dumcode mainstay Enrico Sangiuliano has reasserted his studio prowess with a mesmerizing adaption of the aforementioned hit—this time, with a heavier techno flair.

Sangiuliano's remix does not disappoint. Sweeping cinematic vistas open the track, setting the brooding foundation with hypnotic kicks and his trademark cosmic stabs. As the track progresses, the producer unveils the spurs of melodic synths, that reinvigorate the timeless 90's roots of "Camargue". From the glimpses of trance-influenced riffs to the emphatic bass, he has effortlessly called forth the golden rave era and made it his own, aggregating dramatic offerings through an immersive soundscape.

The Emilia, Italy-native has fast become one of techno's most prolific producers, with "Camargue" marking the first release in over 15 months, since reigning the charts with his debut Biomorph album in 2018. The 8-minute mix serves as another stellar example of his unrivalled production output, as his discography now only grows to hold more future classics. 

Buy Sangiuliano's remix of "Camargue" here.

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