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Dj Chillz elevates with "Higher"

London-based DJ and producer DJ Chillz has released her new exuberant deep house-infused track "Higher" through Sonic Continuum Recordings.

DJ Chillz built a reputation as a renounced club DJ before making her producing debut in 2017. Her passion for blending afrobeat, R&B, and house music inspired her to try her hand in production. Now, she uses her skills as DJ to produce genre-crossing music that has reach beyond the club scene.  

"Higher" catapults us into the listening experience with its electronic melody, R&B groove with the piano keys work well with the house vocal exclaiming "You take me higher baby!" DJ Chillz provides a wide-reaching late-night vibe within this track. She accredits the production of "Higher" to her love for house music, with the track showcasing her musical influences as well as the individuality she continues to create.

Connect with DJ Chillz: SoundcloudInstagram |Facebook

Dance · Deep House · Electronic · House


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