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ANNA and Kittin come together on techno anthem "Forever Ravers"

One of Brazil’s finest techno exports, ANNA, has teamed up with the legendary Kittin to bring us “Forever Ravers” released via Kompakt’s Speicher sub-label. This is ANNA’s third appearance on Speicher following the release of Speicher 101: Hidden Beauties / The Dansant and Speicher 105: Remembrance / When I Am Only A Dream, both in 2018.

“Forever Ravers” starts off strong at 129BPM with punchy snares and spacey effects followed by an untiring bassline. Kittin’s looped vocals make the track extra saucey. "We are ravers...we're f*cking ravers... dancing until we die." We too, are f*cking ravers Miss Kittin. Another notable part of the track is Kittin’s line: “Techno Gender Fluid”. It's usually house tracks talk about house music, so it’s oddly satisfying to hear a techno track mentioning techno.

“This music is about the euphoria we feel when we are on the dancefloor listening to our favourite song and we let it all go; our thoughts, our problems, our frustrations, and become one with the moment. It is about freedom, unity and acceptance that exists in our dance music community.” says ANNA. It’s the coolest when the artists whose music we love to rave to, are ravers too. It means they really understand the culture beyond music production. ANNA and Kittin are truly serving us our daily dose of PLUR with this tune that can only be defined as a banger, a smasher, and an anthem.

The track has been such a success that Spotify even asked the pair to curate the beloved “Techno Bunker” playlist and featured them on the cover. Listen here.

The title of the track poses an interesting dilemma for fans around the world; for some reason in the dance music community, some cringe at the idea of calling themselves “ravers.” Being a “raver” is often associated with 3-2-1 jump EDM fans wearing neon outfits, bedazzled bras and loads of glitter. While some think they’re above this, the reality is that a “rave” is defined as “an organized dance party at a nightclub, outdoor festival, warehouse, or other private property typically featuring performances by DJs, playing a seamless flow of electronic dance music.” So can we all stop denying our true selves?! Plus, ANNA and Kittin are here to tell us there’s nothing to be ashamed off. We’re all just dancing until we die.

ANNA playing "Forever Ravers" on vinyl. Buy it here.

Connect with ANNA: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Kittin: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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