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School of X's "I'll Never Be Ready To Die" is an earnest reflection on the intensity of love [Video]

“There were no labels - anyone could join. That philosophy is so cool and I really admire all those artists,” Rasmus Littauer

Borrowing his moniker from Eksskole - Copenhagen’s anti-establishment art school from the 1960s, School of X allows Rasmus Littauer to be at the center of his art. After spending his formative years drumming with the likes of Reptile Youth, and Major Lazer, the musician's solo creations now feel intimate and deeply reflective. 


“‘I’ll Never Be Ready To Die’ was written on an airplane when flying across China.  It marks how ideas arise suddenly and how they can be triggered in a sensitive moment” Rasmus explains. Opening with the gentle, golden flecks of the glittering harp, Rasmus is joined by saxophonist Malthe Beck and harpist Selma Judith.  But its Ramus’s vocals that take center stage as the performance is raw and unrestrained with honeyed lyrical inflections that reverberate effortlessly across the intimate live setting.

Rasmus shared, "It was a feeling of articulating something unknown in a natural and intuitive way. It’s about feeling love instinctively and intensely but as the title suggests, also in an unresolved way.”

"I'll Never Be Ready To Die" is out now through Tambourhinoceros (Palace Winter, IRAH, Pardans). 

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