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Manu Grace goes through the emotions on "Rein Her In" [Video]

It's been a minute since we heard from Manu Grace, who recently dropped her stunning EP 'June' earlier this year. The indie genre-fluid act shares the new video of  "Rein Her In" off the aforementioned EP which sees the soft-voiced singer journey far from the madding crowd in order to heal her emotional wounds. Going off the grid, Grace peels back layers of emotional scabs without having to deal with the distraction of social media and all. Over a solemn, minimalistic beat, she delivers a heartwarming performance that dwells on the natural healing process of the heart.

The music video for "Rein Her In" focuses on finding strength in both solitude and solace (rather than the threat) in sisterhood. We get to see Grace as she steps away from the rest of the world to focus on herself, while also discovering new things that may help the healing process.

Director Thea Small of Giant Films, perfectly captures Grace's therapeutic journey through nostalgic aesthetics and warm cinematic shots which ends the journey on a very uplifting note.

Get Manu Grace's Debut EP 'June' here and get "Rein Her in" on Spotify.

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