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BLR marks a new chapter with "Odyssee" [Exclusive Mix]

Leon Bolier has seen many parts to his career as a producer and DJ. First launching under his full name in the world of trance and progressive, the Dutch artist has moved on to Bolier, and now, in his latest project, BLR. He's released his most intensive project as the alias, entitled Odyssee, this summer. "As Leon Bolier I would mainly release trance - even though in that era I would also use different aliases, but would utilize them like: 'Leon Bolier pres. Precursor' etc. A few years back, after a couple of years already being a bit bored with doing the same kind of tricks over and over while creating tracks, I branched out to a harder more edgy electro house vibe, when EDM/big room exploded - however this got boring for me fast as the genre for me suffocated itself by becoming overly repetitive in no time. Then I reverted back to grooves and melodies, combined with vocals - but to give the listeners kind of a clue that this time they could expect a different kind of music I shortened my artist name to Bolier," he told us via e-mail as we discussed his latest project.

In an effort to avoid guard rails established by the brand of his other music and focus on experimental, club focused sounds (and with some advice from an A&R from Spinnin' Records), he came up with BLR. "The genre limitations for me made me try find other challenges (with genre limitations I am not saying you can not experiment for yourself, but that the support return would be too small if you go too much beyond what's the standard within that genre). I often point the old school Leon Bolier fans that sometimes ask for this kind of music towards the BLR project as there is a certain overlap - albeit that BLR follows less genre rules and is slower paced, the sounds I bring forward could also be heard on the two albums I released as Leon Bolier (Pictures & Phantasma)." 

In celebration of his latest release, BLR has joined us for a guest mix that you can listen to up above.

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