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Morsifire honors late sister with "Contact"

I'm always game for some conscious hip hop, especially when it was made right in my backyard. Morsifire, a San Francisco-based emcee, embodies the type of introspective steez that delivers listeners from the monotony of the rap status quo.

His latest track, "Contact," is even more captivating and poignant as it offers a glimpse into the mind of someone grappling with the loss of a loved one, specifically the untimely death of a younger sibling.

Morsifire, sporting a distinct flow and Yelawolf-esque delivery, showcases some impressive storytelling chops on "Contact." Also impressing over the ambient production, reminiscent of a Christopher Nolan movie score, is gifted songstress Emily Afton, who punctuates Morsifire's touching and poetic bars with a gorgeous and almost haunting chorus. Ultimately, "Contact" is a song that tackles unfathomable grief with aplomb—an impressive feat across all genres of music, let alone the superficial hallways of hip hop.

"Contact" is the second single off of Morsifire's debut LP, Metanoia, set to release on October 11th. Before the project drops, get acquainted with the rest of his catalog, including the first single "77 Skeletons."

Connect with Morsifire: SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

Connect with Emily Afton: SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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