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UZ just murdered the trap scene with "Bang Bang"

Recognized as one of the pioneer's in the trap music scene, UZ has opened his doors once again to lure those trap enthusiasts with his hypnotizing and dark instrumentals. Following the launch of his record label Quality Goods Records, the masked producer has been bringing “the goods” all around the globe and this time he is murdering the trap scene with his filthy single “Bang Bang.” 

Launching with a  slow tempo instrumental to count down until UZ opens his doors into a world of mystery. High frequencies aligned with distorted vocals lure you into a new state. As the instrumentals begin to echo throughout the speakers, the mysterious producer begins to take it a notch lower with a filthy backdrop of stabbing drum patterns and rattling synths. By adding a personal touch of him scratching on the track, it is safe to say UZ killed this track and we already know he is planning his next move.

Shift levels with UZ at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta on August 31. 

Connect with UZ: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud



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