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FYOHNA explores love's imperfections in "Lie Down" 

Los Angeles based electro-pop group FYOHNA are exposing it all in their soaring new single. Entitled "Lie Down," the track features deep dramatic synths and intensified smoky vocals. The song is produced by Aron Forbes and Chris Spilfogel. Thematically, "Lie Down" examines the inadequacies involved in loving another person.

 "When I started writing it I thought it was about jealousy and competition, but as songs often do, it evolved, and the meaning couldn't have been more opposite," confides vocalist/songwriter Katarina Gleicher. "My interpretation is self acceptance, self love and loving freely. When I think about the question this song is asking and the answer I get from it, it's  'who loved you better?' I loved me better. No one can hold me like me and no one can love me like me."

FYOHNA, comprised of Gleicher, producer/composer Elliot Glasser and drummer Hayley Brownell have developed a unique method of working since the group's inception. With a mindset of absolute collaboration, a close bond flourished between its members. Now they are able to blur the sometimes rigid roles of songwriter, instrumentalist, performer and producer, making each member an equal part throughout the delivery of a song. 

Reminiscent of Feist and Cat Power, their music exudes a fierce, catchy quality that lingers long after it's over. Take a listen to their electrifying single now.

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