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Glisha reveals her "Scars and Scratches" with R&B hit single

Vancouver based artist Glisha comes in full force with her latest single "Scars and Scratches." With the incorporation of her masterful musical technique and soaring vocals, this mellow track boasts a whole lot of talent. Each instrument is gradually added throughout the song, subtly adding layers that can be appreciated more and more with each listen. 

"Scars and Scratches was a song that felt so natural for me to write, despite it being the first love song I've ever released" said Glisha in regards to the new single. "I wanted the song to capture the devotion in becoming a better person for myself and for somebody else, and learning to work through the challenges that come with relationships—even if there are flaws present." The song perfectly captures this realization of the challenges that come with any relationship, with Glisha singing "scars and scratches, we both have them, can't pretend that they're not there." 

Glisha, who is an independent artist, has already amassed over 206k streams and 56,000 fans all by herself. Be sure to keep an eye out for this R&B powerhouses next project. 

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