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Sleepy Gonzales takes us to the "Abandoned Amusement Park" in latest single

Up and coming Vancouver-based band Sleepy Gonzales have just released the emotional "Abandoned Amusement Park." This song proves that the punk rock band is a multi-talented group that has their foot in multiple genres. They masterfully create an acoustic ballad that will leave listeners entranced. Front woman Allyson Lowry's beautifully restrained vocals are perfectly accompanied simply by an acoustic guitar and mellow synth. All of this adds to the state of being in a "drunken haze, inside the mirror maze," the swirling subtle "oohs" in the background working to great effect. 

Sleepy Gonzales know when they have something good, and know when not to mess with it. The single clocks in at 1 minutes and 43 second, which feels like the perfect amount of time. The song is short, sweet, and perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet moment Lowry is singing about. 

Sleepy Gonzales is made up of Nick Moniz, Beni Hobson-Dimas, Christian Hobson-Dimas, and Allyson Lowry

Connect with Sleepy Gonzales: Website | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative · Indie · Punk · Rock


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