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Nadia Vaeh plays a devious game in "Heavy"  

From pain comes inspiration and Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh understands that all too well. She's written over 100 songs inspired by challenging life experiences, in order to help herself and others heal. Her latest single "Heavy," though still profound, is a more spunky, playful direction for the singer.

"Heavy" allows Vaeh to showcase thrilling soundscapes of pulsating synths and deep, sultry vocals. This is a tale of two lovers stuck in a manipulative relationship, continuing a twisted game too pleasurable to stop.

Vaeh cultivated her craft through modelling and joined a local Atlanta circus, singing in their productions from an early age. Her parents nurtured her passion for music. Her mother was a poet, which fuelled Vaeh as a lyricist. Losing her mother to suicide at 17, Vaeh abandoned singing for many years. When she finally returned to music, she struggled to cope with her heartbreak. "I made a lot of missteps when I first began my career and had to learn a lot of things the hard way," Vaeh reveals.

Now with a strength and fighting resilience, she's bloomed into the extraordinary performer she is today. She has recently played on international radio, and is excited to share more of her music in the US and around the world. Take a listen to "Heavy" and get lost in the tumultuous ride.

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