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Ian Santillano shares stories from his past on '1856'

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ian Santillano takes us deep into his world on his new 6-track project titled '1856'.  The self-produced project focuses on love, growth and a whole lot of retrospective topics with Santillano being in the center of it all. 

The project kicks off with the guitar-heavy "Do You" which sees the soft-voiced singer question the veracity of the love shown to him. Santillano questions if true love truly exists over a slumping drum beat, lush and surrounding pads, and gentle key play to provide an ethereal aura.

On the vibrant "luv", Santillano confronts his insecurities in a relationship stemming from his own experiences. The track has a more upbeat feel and adds depth and dimension to the overall project. Santillano doesn't rest on his oars as he dives into different subject matter from the solemn "Jamie got me thinkin", reflective "Dad song" where he really draws from his emotional losses. 

At 6 tracks long, '1856' serves as the perfect introduction to the young artist who taught himself how to play several instruments from the bass guitar to the drum set. The album was recorded in the house where he grew up in allowing him to really channel his thoughts using Ableton Live, an Ableton Push, a MacBook Pro, his guitars, and of course his voice. As a producer, the project showcases his unique organic soul-filled compositions and of course a proficient singer as well. Hit the play button and enjoy.

Ian Santillano also plays live with his band, the Housewarmers.

Connect with Ian Santillano: Soundcloud | Instagram



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