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Abby Jasmine drops spellbinding EP 'Abbnormal'

Staten Island native Abby Jasmine had been producing comedic online content for quite some time before she signed to Cinematic Music Group, taking her music career to the next level. She released her debut EP Trap Mom last year which included fan-favorite tracks “Message” and “No Hook,” and went on tour with T-Pain.

Before dropping her new six-track EP Abbnormal, Abby released “Relax ft. Taylor Belle” and “Where U Been,” accompanied by strong visuals, teasing her fans for the project to come. The two singles have since cultivated over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

On Abbnormal we hear a different side to Abby Jasmine - more reflective, emotional, and vulnerable. Through the emotion and honesty, she continues to showcase a unique and different mastery with her melodies. There’s an eeriness to the production  balanced with the sweetness and self-reflection of Abby’s tone throughout.

There’s a strength to the concision of the project. The audience isn’t overwhelmed with musical elements or features, but are given a cohesive introduction to this different side of Abby. When she first shared the artwork to Abbnormal, she captioned the smoky and compelling image with the following: “I want each project to be a different version of myself… lots of smoke to vibes on this one.” 

Listening to the project, that’s precisely what we got. The vision made sense. It was a different sound from "Trap Mom", but it was still uniquely Abby Jasmine. She managed to keep the sass and distinct fiery spirit that she’s known for, while balancing that out with vulnerability and emotion that her fans might not have heard before. Her comedic nature still came through on tracks like “Where U Been” where she describes a guy as “Only good for buying food and lighting jays on rainy days, and maybe eating pussy…”

The standout track on the EP is "I Got You," where Abby is fearlessly vulnerable, showcasing a maturity to her penmanship. She candidly sings “I can’t even worry about nobody but me/ Every time I do, my pockets go weak…” Throughout the track, Abby switches from melodically rapping to softly singing over the mellow, drum-infused production. 

With a growing musical catalog and fanbase, there’s only more to expect and await from the talented artist.

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