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Dantevilles gives us a "Confession" with latest lead single from their upcoming alt-rock EP

Dantevilles just released the strong and sultry single "Confession," proving they are the alternative rock powerhouse they were destined to be. With soaring falsetto's and acute drums, the Manchester based band has a bright future ahead of them. 

The shining moment of the single has to be the chorus. The moment of silence where it's just Connor McNicholas vocals and nothing else makes the drop into the chorus that much better. Each instrument works together to create a powerhouse of a single. However, the true star of "Confession" is the masterful guitar. It is the driving force behind the entire song and comes out brilliantly during the breakdown at the end of the song. 

When asked about "Confession" and their upcoming EP Welcome to the Theatre, they said “We wanted to express our personality through our music. This E.P is us as a four piece producing music as we’d like it to sound... with the grand finale that is the boldly atmospheric and lead single ‘Confession’. This is a body of music we are really proud of.”

"Confession" is off of Dantevilles upcoming EP Welcome to the Theatre out on August 30th. 

Connect with Dantevilles: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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