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Melodiesinfonie teams with DORJ for touching single "Shabur"

Swiss artist Melodiesinfonie may have an eclectic array of influences, but his music maintains a common thread of gentle, soulful vibes and impeccable taste. The Zurich-based beatmaker, A.K.A. Kevin Wettstein, has returned with a new single entitled “Shabur,” which is the first offering from his fourth full-length album entitled Muar. The dreamy track features Tel Aviv artist DORJ, who delivers some delectably melancholy vocals that sound right at home in Melodiesinfonie’s lush and poignant sonic aesthetic.

“Shabur” not only showcases Melodiesinfonie’s deft talents in production, but it also exhibits his skills in marrying his beats with thematic content. The pairing with DORJ is strikingly successful as the two clearly share musical sensibilities. The slow-moving, introspective sounds from Melodiesinfonie provide an apt foundation for DORJ’s reverberating words about yearning for a past romance that has slipped away. While it’s easy to get lost in the soothing atmosphere of the vocals and production, Melodiesinfonie provides enough flourishes in the arrangement from the guitar, bass, and flute, to keep audiences engaged and remind us of the human element through it all. “Shabur” is a strong entry in the Melodiesinfonie catalogue and provides an exciting preview of the forthcoming album with DORJ.

Stream or download "Shabur" here.

Connect with Melodiesinfonie: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Connect with DORJ: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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