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Yury's newest mantra is all about "Reassurance"

NY based indie hip-hop act Yury has been carving a niche for himself for a while now. The rapper and producer doesn't conform to the norm and maintains a very obscure personality both on and off the microphone. While the backbone of his style is trap, he takes the sub-genre a step further with distorted synths, bass rattling 808 kicks with dark textures that sound like a scene from an 80s sci-fi flick. As displayed on his new release "Reassurance", he starts off with a proclamation "I'ma make it happen/ I don't get distracted..." over an eerie soundscape that is handcrafted by Yury himself.

"Reassurance" is all about authenticity and the need to stand out as an individual which Yury carries from beginning to end. He doesn't try to sing-song his way into our hearts but rather stick to what he loves and pushes the boundaries of his art. In his own words, he adds " The track is for listeners looking for heavy trap music with uplifting lyrics about self-belief". There's certainly something within his music for anyone to find something in.

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