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Nao Yoshioka previews new album with empowering single "Liberation"

The styles of R&B and neo-soul may have originated in the United States, but these days they know no borders. Among the many examples of the global reach of soulful musical sensibilities is Nao Yoshioka, who has delivered an impressive new single called “Liberation.” The track offers a tantalizing taste of the Japanese vocalist’s forthcoming album Undeniable, which is set for release on August 16 via SWEET SOULD RECORDS. Yoshioka teams with Grammy-nominated producer Eric Roberson to create a song that not only showcases her dynamic vocal skills, but also establishes her place as an artist to watch in the genre.

For the album Undeniable, Yoshioka worked with Naoki Yamanouchi, the CEO of SWEET SOUL RECORDS, to cultivate an overarching theme of rediscovering one’s true self, a broad topic that is broken down further on each of the fourteen tracks. On “Liberation,” Yoshioka discusses liberating oneself from the pitfalls of living in fear. The empowering message is made even more salient with absorbing vocal delivery, intricate production from Roberson, and an impactful string arrangement from Larry Gold. With cohesive messaging, abundant talent, and a strong team behind her, Nao Yoshioka’s new album should be one to remember.

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