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Dylan Emmet and Constance shares what "Home" feels like in new collaboration

What is the meaning of 'home?' The age-old question is explored, dissected and understood in Dylan Emmet's latest collaboration with Constance in aptly titled ballad, "Home".  The closing track to Emmet's Midas EP, the duo once again come together to formulate an utterly entrancing and soul-warming number, divulging into an all-too familiar scenario that effectively tugs at the heartstrings.

"Home" is about unconditional love," Emmet shares. "I believe a big part of finding the right person is about knowing who you can fully be yourself with. Constance and I wanted this song to embody the feeling that we both hope to find one day. Where you just know, no matter what happens, you'll never have to face it alone ever again."

Perfectly capturing the wistfulness of love and yearning, the duo share their perception of home in an evocative wave of passion. Fully layered and seamlessly melded, "Home" is an endlessly mesmerizing affair teeming with soft soul elements. Lush synthesizers and airy guitars float through a bed of wavy electronic inflections that perfectly accentuate Constance's mellow vocals⁠—encapsulating listeners in a smooth audial journey filled with romantic atmospherics. 

Dylan Emmet is a singer/songwriter with an interesting story to tell. After finding out he had a two year old daughter he never knew about, Emmet began releasing a string of personal and self-revelatory songs documenting his journey, beginning with leaving Los Angeles to become an insta-dad in New York overnight. Currently living with his daughter back in upstate New York, Emmet has continued to successfully write and produce for multiple artists on both coasts by utilizing video chat and taking occasional month long trips to LA to write/perform.

Listen to Midas in full here

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