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The Poet, Havi's new visual is as smooth as "Shea Butter (Heart of Darkness)" [Video]

Memphis artist and Studio 88 owner The Poet, Havi isn't quite a new artist. Though he changed his artist name, Havi has been honing his craft for a few years. After an extended hiatus, he is back with a renewed perspective. To kick off a series of forthcoming releases, Havi has returned with a new single titled "Shea Butter (Heart of Darkness)" and accompanying cinematic visual.

Havi connected with producer Spekulate The Philosopher for the tribal, bass knocking track. Top to bottom, "Shea Butter (Heart of Darkness)" embodies blackness. The visual was inspired by Martin Scorsese's classic film Raging Bull. The video, produced by Studio One Four Three, is vibrant though in black and white. The energy and emotions are almost palpable.

Look for more new music from The Poet, Havi and his Studio 88 team soon. Until then, enjoy "Shea Butter (Heart of Darkness)".

Stream/Download "Shea Butter (Heart of Darkness)" HERE.

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