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cln releases his final single "Change My Mind" leading up to debut album [Premiere]

After a slew of smooth releases such as "Fade To Grey" and "What I Know," the Australian artist cln now serves up the final look inside of his debut album with the single "Change My Mind."

Over the years, cln has delicately laid out his style through singles that shine with their laidback and chilled out nature. With each song he manages to gently provoke emotion and blend genres ranging from chill-trap to electro-r&b, creating the perfect soundtrack for any daydreamer. Now after releasing 4 tracks from the album, cln releases his 5th and final piece before the full package drops in September.

‘This song is about memories of time spent with people that you love. Sometimes those memories can be bittersweet and can bring on strong feelings of sadness and happiness at the same time." - cln

"Change My Mind" dwells in the darkest corners of your memory, waiting for the moment you choose to access it. Telling a story of love and loss, cln lays down line after line with his impactful vocal performance complemented with airy layers and minimal effects. Production-wise, the track boasts in its simplicity with resonating bells and synths that fill the space, while a snare and hi-hat decorate everything else around it. Where other cln songs see more vocal treatments and elements, he notes that he "tried to venture out of my comfort zone with this song." 

September is just a couple short months away, so in the meantime grab "Change My Mind" here

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