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Madnap and SMLE team up for bubbly single "Throw It All Away"

Future bass producer Madnap has linked up with Grammy-nominated production duo SMLE for "Throw It All Away," a sun-kissed dance-pop tune serendipitously arriving in the thick of summer.

The collaborative single features rising singer/songwriter Aviella, who has become a highly sought-after dance music vocalist following features on tracks by QUIX, Ray Volpe, and Taska Black, among others. The feathery nuances of her voice work perfectly with the bubbly soundscapes of "Throw It All Away," which was released by electronic imprint Thrive Music. From the poignant lyrical work to the drop's warm chords, all the accouterment of a future pop hit are present here. What makes the track special, though, is its second drop. Instead of going the cookie-cutter route and simply repeating the same drop, Madnap and SMLE implement gorgeous, fluttering arpeggios that help to truly bring the track home. You can get familiar with both of them via the links below.

Connect with MadnapSoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with SMLESoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Dance · Future Pop


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