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Listen to “Everything” on the new SuperSmashBroz EP

Whether they’re performing as DJ’s, producers, or curators, one thing about SuperSmashBroz is constant — they are the life of the party. Their new EP SuperKotaBlanco is a beautiful dish created from ingredients that make the ears dance. Selecting a standout single from a five-track body-moving EP is no task. However, one song everyone should pay attention to is “Everything”. 

The opening track on the project is a catchy, trap-inspired song with salsa undertones and a sweet hook. Today, it’s so easy to make a “Gucci Gang” type song that has no meaning but makes everyone do the Fortnite dance. With this single comes good lyricism and storytelling, and you still get to bust all the Fortnite moves to the beat. 

SuperKotaBlanco is a collab project produced by blood brothers Muyi Fre$co and Noma Nomz. It also features exceptional performances by Wizz Dakota and Alejandro Blanco. Explaining the cultural spice on the EP, SuperSmashBroz said, “We're of Nigerian descent, Wizz Dakota is from the Dominican Republic, and Alejandro Blanco is from Honduras. All of us, however, were raised the Greater Boston area. We tried to bring some of our cultural flavor together to make some songs that don't really sound like anything coming out from our area, shit, even in general”. 

What truly sets the SuperSmashBroz apart from their peers, however, is their striking authenticity and undying dedication to the ever-important tagline they abide by: “Get Your Vibes Right”. In 2017, they released their 13-track debut: a compilation mixtape of music from over 30 Massachusetts-based artists fittingly entitled Family Cookout. From live events to curating mixes, this dynamic team never fails to represent the city that raised them, and for that reason, the SuperSmashBroz have a bright future ahead of them.

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