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Slow Magic takes us through his magical 'Dreams, Pt. I'

A DIY project with a worldwide scope, Slow Magic is universal and inclusive, and your imaginary friend’s newest endeavor is no different. For the first original release of 2019, Slow Magic delivers a double-single project, featuring a lyrically driven A-side "Daydream" and instrumental B-side "when it rains but the sun is out too", which ultimately come together to form Dreams Pt. 1.

"Daydream" lyrically targets those who seem to be lost in a daydream as Julianne Hope effortlessly cascades down every riff and studs the track with her raspy yet delicate voice. Bouncy production keeps the pace with breaks and an acoustic kick, along with a resonating saw bass that perfectly layers with the lead synth in the drop, which leaves you lost in your own thoughts. 

Next comes "when it rains but the sun is out too," and keeps the chill atmosphere that was set by its predecessor. However, this one features acoustic guitar throughout the intro, which guides into vocal atmospherics that build the track into a synth ladened drop and breaks the song back down into its individual elements.

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Atmospheric · Electronic


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