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Idris Lawal is ready to dive in "Gung Ho"

Formerly going by the moniker Tadé, genre-bending Toronto-based artist Idris Lawal is back with a brand new single titled "Gung Ho". 

The single serves as a way of rebranding and re-introducing himself to the world after settling in Toronto by way of Ottawa. The track is a self-reflective journey through his life as a young man chasing his dreams while trying to figure himself out. It delivers a laid-back sparse arrangement made up of a handful of instruments from heartwarming strings and synths, rolling percussions and a nostalgia-inducing horn. This style particularly suits Lawal's distinct accented performance and profound lyrics inspired by his Yoruba roots, his experience growing up in foreign countries such as  Qatar, and then South-Africa, before settling in Canada.

"Gung Ho", in Lawal's case, is more of taking the plunge into the world of chaos in order to discover his true self while carrying the tradition of his forebearers. In modern-day terms, it's his own way of surviving this thing called adulthood.

Initially fronting a band – tadé – based in Ottawa where Idris studied marketing and music, he now resides in Toronto where he has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2019.

Get "Gung Ho" on all DSPs here.

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