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Jacky celebrates new release with Example, "Another 24" [Guest Mix]

Jacky's latest release is an endeavor most aspiring electronic producers would dream of embarking on. "Another 24" is his latest single, a collaboration with one of the industry's greats, Example, on vocals. A tech house track with an inspiring amount of depth, it dives into energetic dark edges of house's underworld with notes of a powerful techno influence. A drummer, DJ, producer, and entertainer, Jacky's grounded upbeat energy translates to his music, where he follows the UK house tradition with added flair. 

"Another 24" sounds more than just an added note on Jacky's release resume, not only for the sign off from Example, but from the track itself. It's out now via Abode Records, and Jacky has joined us with an exclusive guest mix putting his own fiery style on display. 

Connect with Jacky: SoundCloud | Facebook 

Feature · Guest Mix · Main Stage · Tech House


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