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Aunty Social makes a liberating return with alt-pop single "Trying"

Amidst the party anthems and beach calls of the summer, there are those quietly resolved voices that manage to break out from under the throbbing hum of shallow beats and commercial drops. Toronto's Aunty Social (AKA Daniela Gitto) is one of those voices. Premiering here today is the first track off her forthcoming debut EP, "Trying"- a gritty alt-pop tale of leaving religion behind and looking forward to a brand new day. 

Deeply ingrained within this track is Gitto's arduous story of finding her own path, after forsaking the only one she's known all her life. "Before all of this, religion was my identity," she shares. "It's what I relied on, it's what I followed. Once that was gone, I really didn't know who I was. I felt like all this progress that I had made from six to sixteen was completely void, and then I had to muster up all the things that make me who I am."

Dressed up in a magnetizing production of palpitating drum kicks and lo-fi synths, "Trying" is more than just a coming-of-age story. It's a mesmerizing vocal performance, with Gitto's soft voice slowly building up to a swelling chorus, uninhibited and free to speak its mind. Because that is what this song truly is all about - shedding the past, with all the insecurities and fears that it harbours, and moving forward to a lighter and brighter future. 

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