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L'omari unveils multi-faceted artistic video for breakout hit "BidWin"

Buzzing out of Miami-by-way-of-Toronto is a multi-talented artist and influencer named L'omari. His 2019 single "BidWin" is a multi-faceted artistic expression of L'omari. The word "Bedouin" means an original Arab, and L'omari changed the spelling to coincide with his way of life because all he does is "bid" and "win." Matching the track, the visual gives the traditional sounds of Arabia paired with modern-day trap triplets.  

Accompanied by the Insomnia Pictures-directed visual installment, "BidWin" makes for the summer banger of 2019. The music video is packed with exotic luxury vehicles and a mansion sitting on the water that is filled with gorgeous females covered in Mardi Gras masks. Flipping back and forth between scenes in and out of the country, we can see L'omari betting on a horse race before pulling off in a Ferrari while it cuts in and out of clips of cars doing donuts on two wheels. Look at the stunningly luxurious visual below. 

Outside of being a well-rounded musician and influencer, L'omari is CEO of BidWin Music Group, LLC and Board Member of the Qatar Music Foundation. The Qatari rapper utilizes his verses and words to embody his artistry and to spread positivity throughout the world. He does so through his unique and stylish hip-hop brand that is socially and internationally aware. With a style and flow that's inspired by his upbringing, his craft and hustle set him apart from other rising rappers stepping into hip-hop. L'omari is currently planning to drop an EP later this year.

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