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LeyeT showcases sisterhood in new video for single "Notice You"

If you need soul-warming vibes and music you can dance along to, find it in LeyeT's latest single "Notice You". The newest song and video from the Los Angeles-based singer plucks at the heartstrings, capturing the love and admiration for those closest to us.

"Notice You" is the first single off of LeyeT's upcoming sophomore EP that shares the same name. The single's music video, caught in a retro camera frame, follows LeyeT and her friend as they bask in each other's glow. The video features subtitles narrating the story of their friendship. Topics include Stevie Nicks as a spirit animal and unending support for each other. Speaking on the single, LeyeT says that "this song is about giving someone recognition. In the music video that pairs, I highlight one of my best friends whose story, drive, and light really inspire me. Her bright energy is undeniable yet as I got to know her, I learned that the light she radiates is not one marked without profound loss or everyday struggle".

If you're looking for something uplifting for your Friday, pay homage to sisterhood with "Notice You". 

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