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Madeaux expresses savagery in new single "I Want You"

Miami-born, LA-based artist Madeaux has refined his blacklight beats over several years of releases on A-Trak's imprint Fool’s Gold, reviving the heart of industrial sound. His latest offering "I Want You" is the second single off his upcoming EP. It is a delectable yet demonic tune filled with gothic dancehall flavor.  

The track starts off with eerie atmospheric sounds and a sultry female whispery vocal. Indecipherable omens are immediately diffused through each percussive, rhythmic element. As the lush texture and devilish basslines are later intertwined together to swirl and tease, Madeaux's own vocals add to the charm and conjure up images of shimmering malice. The resultant piece is shrouded in filthy hues, only appropriate for the darkest warehouse. 

Madeaux has tested this one out in live shows, and apparently it can do some serious damage. He notes that, "the first time I played this track out was at a festival in Thailand. The rain had just picked up and I needed something hard to keep the vibe moving, this track delivered and I knew then it was special."

The three-track compilation Club Demons (EP) is slated to release on August 16.

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