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Baker Grace unleashes an empowered anthem to a "Sad Summer" [Video]

New Jersey's Baker Grace is the epitomized definition of a walking dichotomy. Young but mature, trendy but classic, confident but humble, she embodies the spirits of teen pop stars before her (Britney, Demi), while advancing her own personalized brand of empowerment, be it female or otherwise. Coming off the heels of the release of her debut EP, Girl, I Know, she shares with us a timely gem- her newest single, "Sad Summer". 

Choosing to paint summer with a different brush, Grace refutes the stereotypical scenes of beach days and sunny days spent with friends. Instead, she gives in to her introverted desires, finally admitting that "I could be falling in love but baby I don't give a fuck." The technocoloured visuals perpetuate this anti-social acceptance by offering up a witty contrast between Grace and the other summer-loving characters (played by Tik Tok stars Dominic Toliver, Kailey Maurer, and Kelianne). While choosing to remain alone, Grace's brightly coloured attire and chic style boldly stand out, proving that solitary doesn't have to be drab, just like a wistfully-titled pop song doesn't actually have to sound sad. "'Sad Summer' is an anthem for the people who need a break from social media," she shares. "The pressure to be happy all the time, to look good all the time, and to always be doing something cool."

With a nostalgic yet modern 80's-inspired pop production, "Sad Summer" manages to unfold yet another layer of Baker Grace. With all her contrasts and complexities, her raw talent seeps through it all, and we can't wait to see where it will lead her to next. 

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