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Teddi Gold's "Figure It Out" is the self-love anthem of the summer

When Teddi Gold's new track graced my ears I gesticulated wildly, bobbed my head, and did donuts in my ergonomic office chair. "Figure It Out," the song in question, is the type of ditty that's a must-have on your summer playlist, self-care playlist, [insert playlist here]. It's seriously that good, and the perfect poppy picker-upper for those who haven't yet jumpstarted their summer.

There's so much to love about this record. For starters, Teddi's angelic vocals mesh with the beat like cinnamon sprinkled on warm buttered toast. Said beat is a blapper in its own right, complete with dazzling synths, crispy snaps, reverberating claps, and an otherwise stellar drum kit that builds up to the song's biggest strength: an electrifying, hands-in-the-air hook. The chorus is where Teddi shines the brightest, and the point when "Figure It Out" establishes itself as an energetic yet poignant reminder to look out for number one.

One of Teddi's standout lines is "Don't f—ck with a girl on fire," but she is clearly on fire and undoubtedly will only gain more attention and stans from here on out. After being featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds and Poptronix playlists, and tearing up the LA music scene, Teddi is primed to boogie through the rest of 2019 with a bang.

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