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Piero Pirupa rides the groove in 'Coco Mama' EP feat. Tim Baresko

If you want to experience an immersive atmosphere that can envelop you, then look no further. Italian producer Piero Pirupa just delivers a two-track EP, Coco Mama, featuring a remix filled with French finesse, courtesy of Tim Baresko

This EP is packed with delectable beats that can engulf you with their simmering energy. The title track "Coco Mama" is opening up the EP with a tantalizing intro, featuring fierce percussive intensity and gorgeous swirls of basslines. Pirupa steadily builds up the momentum with straightforward melodies and spoken word samples. When the timing is right, he takes slick and infectious to a whole new level by unleashing layers of vocals, which are interlaced together to give out an epic vibe that belies power.

Following up, "Fire" is a high-octane cut that cultivates euphoric vibes. It is built around a delicate progression that will tempt you into its lair and send tingles down your spine. The larger than life vocals surely drags us into a high-charged realm.

Wrapping up the EP, Pirupa enlists French talent Tim Baresko for a remix. Baresko's interpretation of  "Fire" is more stripped-down, treating our ears to rolling tribal drums that will evoke a soaring sensation. Propelled by a steady bass groove and full-bodied padding, the cut culminates into a broody and dreamy wave to ride until it ends. 

Purchase the record here.

Connect with Piero PirupaSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Tim Baresko: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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