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Jump into summer with dirty beach-pop trio Tidal Babes' "OMG"

Dirty beach-pop trio Tidal Babes have just released their highly anticipated EP OMG via Nevado Records.  The five track release highlights the band's signature sound of infectious pop melodies, power punk pop vocals, and jangly surf guitars.  Tidal Babes takes influence from Southern California's musical history and rich culture including 60's surf rock, east LA socialites and tastemakers, as well as Orange County punk rock.  

Tidal Babes formed out of a musical collaboration between acclaimed songwriter, producer Chris Qualls and singler Lyndsi Austin after a wild night in Hollywood. Following some whisky and inspiration from the show, the duo headed to Quall's Echo Park studio for a late night songwriting session.  It was in that very studio, that Qualls pitched a novel idea; finishing lyrics of each song they wrote together in under an hour.  He wanted to step away from over-analyzing pop songs and instead tap into the immediacy and energy that the duo created that evening. 

The EP begins with the title track,  a catchy summer pop explosion filled with sassy upbeat vocals and driving indie rock drums.  "OMG" is tongue and cheek but in the best way possible, it's dripping in self confidence while still remaining charming.  While "Gay For You" takes on a more introspective tone with heartfelt confessional lyrics, melodic soundscapes and warm melancholy guitars.  Each song plunges the listener right into a California summer day.  
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