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Polytonics makes their debut with Seal on "Killer"

Yes, that's 90's pop R&B icon, Seal on a house track. While reading of his collaboration with PolyTonics, made up of DJ Tall Paul and Art Bastian, might lead to all sorts of assumptions, the end result is a surprisingly perfect pairing. This isn't just another attempt to capitalize on early aughts nostalgia.

This is quite the debut for PolyTonics, releasing their first single as a duo with a feature from a household name on Capitol Records UK. But most empowering is their call to work with the "Kiss From A Rose" singer, whose versatility we are reminded of by his performance on "Killer." Hell, Seal should continue to do electronic features as an easy side gig for the rest of his career. His soothing vocals work well with production that could make easy decisions to land wholly in pop music, but strays to deeper edges of techno inspiration. It's just retro enough, calling upon the disco featured on early UK Now compilations, making "Killer" a classic in the making.


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