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White Cliffs walks on the bright side with "Sidewalk" [Premiere]

Landing today on EARMILK is multi-instrumentalist and producer White Cliffs with a premiere for his new single/video "Sidewalk." The fresh track is drenched with White Cliffs' signature lo-fi beachy nonchalance, and accompanied by the perfect mellow, nostalgia-laden visual.  Meandering between pleasantly comforting visuals from the urban hideaway the song commemorates, White Cliffs tells a tale of making the best of a less than ideal situation, and the small joys that come along the journey. Don't miss the cameo by White Cliffs' pet rabbit Skush, whose natural star quality more or less steals the show. 

"The song basically discusses how to find the good in a bad situation, and how it is important to remember that its only temporary and can be a great place for inspiration if you have the right attitude about it," the artist shares over e-mail. The Brooklyn apartment that embodied that bad situation is shown not as a prison, but some kind of gritty wonderland through the vintage filtered lens. Accompanied by White Cliffs' sumptuous voice, it feels a lot more like heaven than hell. Gentle, sun-soaked melodies wrap the listener in a warm blanket, while the unassuming lyrics drive home the sentiment of hanging on through the lean times - "it leads to better days."

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