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Pouya shows growth in his latest album "The South Got Something To Say"

From the first track of The South Got Something To Say you can hear the advancement of Pouya's sound. The continual transition into a more accessible sound is a not an easy one. It often leaves hardcore fans feeling like they have lost their beloved to the grasps of the music industries greed, however, due to Pouya's transparency with his fans it's apparent that this is the natural progression toward mastering his craft. He continues to build on his songwriting capabilities, on this, his third studio album.

This album allows for Pouya to tackle so more intense themes like his legacy and mortality. From the album cover we can see how he feels, still standing after being put face to face with some of lives biggest challenges. While most of the 15 tracks are pure Pouya, a couple of key features help to mix up the sound. Acts like Cuco and Rocci sing sweet hooks while Ghostemane, City Morgue and Juicy J have huge verses to finish off the last stretch of the album on a run of energy. 

Pouya is joined by Ramirez and Boobie Looteveli on a nation wide Liquid Sunshine tour right now and will embark on a European leg closer to the end of the year. Tour dates and tickets can be found on his website.

Connect to Pouya: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram



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